About us

Jufka was founded in 1991. in Uzice as a sole proprietorship. We operated under that name until 2012. when the name was changed into Jufka product d.o.o.(Ltd.), due to restructuring. Our work was based on pie phyllo dough manufacturing and our product quickly became renowned for its high quality. After several years of successful business, guided by the market demand, we have expended the producing capacities and a range of products available to our customers. The new fields of business brought the modernization and improvement of the production techniques and methods, with constant effort to preserve the distinctive taste of local cuisine.

Thanks to our first-class products, great variety and responsibility, our company Jufka has an important place on the Serbian market. We are proud to say that, since our foundation, we have established successful cooperation with over 100 retail shops in Uzice, as well as with important centres and retail chains all over Western Serbia, in Sandzak, Sumadija, Belgrade...

Working with our customers for many years and the commitment in maintaining the quality have given us a good reputation among the customers and associates. In order to preserve our reputation, we are continuing to invest in healthy, high-quality, recognizable Jufka products.


We are always up to date and apply new technologies in food production, preserving quality and unique taste. We also invest in our staff training and professional development, respecting the individual values. Our production is in accordance with the environmental protection.


Not only do we carefully chose reliable suppliers who guarantee top-quality raw materials, but we have also successfully implemented a quality management system and product safety. We are introducing HACCP principles, which gives our customers additional guarantees on quality and safety of the products.